The point of getting a cosmetic treatment is to look and feel better about yourself, but there are mixed opinions of the practice. Many people assume that anyone who undergoes a cosmetic procedure is conceited, narcissistic, shallow, or vain—even those who are considering it for themselves.

Vanity, however, is just a negative spin on self-confidence. There’s nothing bad about taking pride in your appearance and creating a body that better fits your personality and the lifestyle you’re aiming for. Few people would call you vain for dieting or going to the gym, so what’s wrong with taking a different path to the same results?

Permanent fat removal and body enhancements can go a long way toward making someone happier with how they look. Here are some popular cosmetic procedures that can improve your self-esteem:

Breast Augmentation
Ample breasts have long been considered a hallmark of the ideal feminine form, and because the breasts tend to sag and lose volume with age or after pregnancy, they’re associated with youth as well. Many women get breast augmentations to feel young again or get back the figure they had before having kids.

Male Breast Reduction
For men, on the other hand, few things can destroy self-esteem like a set of breasts. Resolving gynecomastia (the medical condition behind “man boobs”) with treatments, when possible, can give men a more athletic, masculine physique.

Love Handles
Fat on the flanks goes by a lot of different names: love handles, spare tire, muffin top, and the list goes on. No matter what you call it, extra pounds around the middle make it hard for both men and women to fit into their clothes, and it leads to embarrassment at the gym, beach, or pool. Sculpting the flanks makes people more comfortable with showing their bodies in public.

Chin Sculpting
Chin sculpting is a popular procedure among members of both sexes. For men, a strong, chiseled chin is a sign of masculinity. Other people may perceive a man with a well-defined chin to be more capable, confident, and decisive, even if they don’t really know anything about his personality. Removing excess fat from the chin for a stronger jawline can help men see these qualities in themselves, too.

Of course, chin sculpting doesn’t have to create the chiseled look. The procedure can also make women look more feminine by removing the fat that causes a “double chin” or tightening sagging skin to smooth out their jawline.

Self-Care is Not a Sin

We all want to look good. We choose clothes that flatter our bodies. We use makeup to accentuate our best features and conceal others. We fix our hair and exercise. Do these activities make us conceited? Of course not—we’re just taking care of ourselves.

Cosmetic procedures aren’t just about looks. For many men and women, they’re about fitting in and feeling comfortable in their own skin. Every one of us has things we don’t like about ourselves. Seeking to be the best version of yourself is perfectly healthy and normal.

If you think cosmetic treatments can make you more satisfied with your body, learn more about Belle Medical’s HD Body Sculpting and natural Fat Transfer processes. As our other patients can attest, there’s no shame in creating a better shape.

Dr. Robert Mitchell MD
Author: Dr. Robert Mitchell MD

Dr. Robert Mitchell has been practicing medicine for 15 years. He graduated from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma and completed his medical degree at the University of Oklahoma in 2002. Dr. Mitchell went on to complete training in General Surgery/Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City in 2007.

Dr. Mitchell is native to Tulsa, OK. He is a proud father to his son, Cameron. He enjoys an active lifestyle, coaching and playing baseball, basketball, and soccer with his son. Dr. Mitchell enjoys vacations to the Florida Coast where he and his son can be found deep sea fishing. In his spare time, you can find him volunteering for Tulsa Habitat for Humanity.