Turning heads and getting compliments always feels good, but ultimately, cosmetic treatments are something you should do for yourself. No one knows that better than Amy Chesley, of 99.9 KONY Country fame, and Kirsten McArthur, two Belle Medical clients who have enjoyed fantastic results from our Mommy Makeover procedure. Amy and Kirsten met to talk about their experiences with Belle and why our treatments could be a great option for anyone.

Why Get a Mommy Makeover?

As the name suggests, Mommy Makeover treatments are popular with women who have trouble getting back to their original body shape after pregnancy. In Kirsten’s case, the hormones she took to increase her chances of getting pregnant caused her to put on weight she couldn’t lose.

Amy, despite working out often, also had trouble losing fat in the problem areas that remained on her body after giving birth. Both women turned to HD Body Sculpting for permanent fat removal from the difficult spots they weren’t able to tighten up through dieting and exercise.

Where’d You Get Work Done?

Kirsten received HD Body Sculpting treatments on her flanks and the three sections of her stomach (upper, middle, and lower). Other women have gotten Mommy Makeovers to sculpt their hips and back and/or get a Fat Transfer to their breasts and buttocks, restoring the curvy shape they had before pregnancy.

How Was the Experience?

“It wasn’t bad at all,” if you ask Kirsten. She was comfortable the whole time, appreciated Belle’s team checking in on her frequently, and finished her procedure quickly. Amy concurs: Her procedure went so smoothly that she went back to work the next day. Both women agreed they would go back to Belle Medical for another procedure if they found something else they didn’t like about their bodies.

Do It for You

Amy and Kirsten ended their chat by emphasizing that they received Mommy Makeover treatments as a gift to themselves. They’re thrilled with the way they look, they feel more confident, and they encourage anyone to give Belle a try, men included: HD Body Sculpting and Fat Transfer are also effective at creating a fit, masculine physique.

If you’re ready to do something wonderful for yourself this year, get in touch with Belle Medical to book a free consultation.

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