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Common Medical Questions:

What is Belle Medical?
Belle Medical offers procedures that can help both women and men reduce body fat, naturally (and safely) augment areas such as the breast and butt, and tighten stubborn areas for good.

Our treatments include natural HD body sculpting and fat transfer (natural augmentation), which are much more effective (and safer) alternatives to CoolSculpting, Sono Bello, and traditional liposuction.

What is HD Body Sculpting?
HD Body Sculpting is a minimally invasive treatment used to naturally contour and shape the body through nonsurgical fat removal. This procedure is normally performed under local anesthetic and doesn’t require an overnight hospital stay. Experienced HD Body Sculpting experts perform each treatment, all of which are designed around the individual patient’s needs. Our HD Body Sculpting procedures are performed right in Belle Medical clinics.

We tailor each procedure to your specific needs, so you’ll always have our full attention. We help identify the areas that will make the most noticeable difference in the sculpting of your new body shape. We work hard to make sure you get the kind of results you want—whether it’s an athletic, masculine figure through liposuction or subtle, feminine curves through fat transfer.

What are the risks?
There are almost zero risks in this procedure. The only risk is that of infection (which is extremely uncommon)—however, we prescribe an antibiotic and proper aftercare instructions to prevent this from happening.

Do I have to take the medications?
We have a formulated cocktail of medications to help relax you and make the procedure as pleasant as possible. We strongly encourage our patients to take all medications the day of the procedure.

Post-Op Instructions Questions

Why do I need to wear the compression garment? What is the compression garment for?
Once the procedure is done, the fat that separated the skin and the muscular wall is no longer there, leaving the skin to hang loose from the body. The compression garment is the key to having that now loose skin adhere to the muscle wall.

Why I can’t I swim/sit in a hot tub/use the sauna/tan for 2 weeks following treatment?
We want your entry sites to heal properly, and in order to mitigate any possible risk of infection, we ask that you don’t submerge your body in any water or expose those sites too early.

Why can’t I drink alcohol for 1 week or smoke for 2 weeks following treatment?
Alcohol and smoking slow the recovery process down tremendously.

What is the importance of the posttreatment massages?
Getting that massage as soon as the soreness in your body is starting to dissipate is essential to the healing process. The massage helps spread those white blood cells that tend to collect in specific areas so that they don’t become hard and agitated.

Why can’t I use ibuprofen, vitamin E, or NSAIDs following treatment?
These tend to thin your blood, and we want to alleviate any risk of heavy bleeding.

Why can’t I drink coffee before treatment?
The caffeine in coffee stimulates receptors located in cells within your heart to increase your heart rate. Effects of this stimulation speed up your blood flow because of an increase in heart rate, as well as an increase in blood sugar, urine production, and body temperature.

What is the purpose of sleeping in an inclined position for 4-8 hours immediately following treatment?
Sleeping in an inclined position keeps the blood more confined in the compressed area so that you are less likely to get dizzy and faint.

When can I do physical activity? Can I take my compression garment off for physical activity?
You can return to full, regular physical activity 10 days after treatment. We encourage you to walk or use a stationary bicycle during that 10-day period, but really, nothing more strenuous than that. We just don’t want you to participate in activities too soon so your recovery process will be as quick and painless as possible.

When do I get my massage? How often should I get a massage?
Typically, we want our patients to get their first massage about 1-3 days after their treatment. However, throughout the healing process, we suggest they get anywhere between 3-4 massages. You will receive a massage at each of your post-op appointments