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Our Idaho Falls clinic is conveniently located in the Kingwood 3670 Center off of Jafer Court and South 25th East. Our knowledgeable staff and providers are eager to help you achieve your ideal body image with precise attention to detail for customized results.

Build The Body You Want

Belle Medical proudly provides advanced, minimally invasive body sculpting and enhancement treatments in the Idaho Falls area. We help patients achieve their desired look with personalized patient care and gentle techniques—our state-of-the-art technology allows us to provide treatments that involve no cutting, ripping, cooling, or general anesthesia. Sculpt the toned appearance you want and say goodbye to stubborn fat for good without worrying about hospital stays, stitches, or a lengthy recovery time.

We perform each treatment right in the comfort of our Idaho Falls clinic, and we get you back to your normal activities quickly—most patients return to work within 24-48 hours. Whether you’re looking for a natural way to sculpt your stubborn problem areas with HD Body Sculpting or you want to restore volume and plumpness with Fat Transfer, Belle Medical has the solution you’re looking for. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

HD Body Sculpting is a minimally invasive body contouring treatment used for the permanent removal of excess body fat, performed under local anesthetic without the need for an overnight hospital stay.

With a natural Fat Transfer, also known as fat grafting, we use your own body fat to enhance and augment parts of your body without inserting foreign objects or implants.

Pregnancy is difficult on a woman’s body. A Mommy Makeover uses a combination of HD Body Sculpting and Fat Transfer treatments to remove stomach fat, reduce stretch marks, add volume to the breasts, and do anything else necessary to restore your pre-childbirth confidence.

A lot of men have trouble with extra fat in their midsection once they reach their 30s and 40s. A Dad Bod Makeover can restore their youthful, masculine figure through chest sculpting, abdominal etching, and love handle removal.

Belle Medical | Idaho Falls


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