Permanent Hip Fat and Love Handle Removal

Fat on your hips and the sides of your abdomen, also called your flanks or love handles, is difficult to lose through typical diet and exercise. From avoiding tight shirts and pants that show your flab to never feeling confident in swimsuits, extra fat on your hips and flanks can interfere with an ideal body image. With a minimally invasive procedure for the removal of stubborn fat from your hips or love handles, you can say goodbye to wide sides for good.

Our Hips/Love Handles Body Sculpting Services

HD Body Sculpting is Belle Medical’s proprietary treatment for permanent fat removal, used for love handle removal, hip fat reduction, and other body contouring procedures. We use ultrasound technology to break down fat cells in your hips or flanks and permanently remove them using a gentle suction process.

Because our fat removal techniques are minimally invasive, we only need to use a local anesthetic and pain medication to keep you comfortable during your procedure. Unlike other fat removal methods that may involve a hospital stay or significant downtime, we’ll get you back into action quickly with results you can’t wait to show off—most patients go back to work within 24-48 hours, return to the gym after two weeks, and experience fully realized results about four weeks after treatment.

Hip Fat Reduction and Removal for Women

The hips are a notorious problem area for women trying to lose weight—even the most dedicated dieters and exercise fiends have a difficult time getting rid of stubborn fat on their sides. This is especially true for mothers, whose bodies tend to change shape drastically during pregnancy. A hip fat reduction treatment, either by itself or as part of a full Mommy Makeover, can help women achieve a more slender frame.

Love Handle Reduction and Removal for Men

Love handle removal is one of the cosmetic treatments most frequently requested by men. When diet and exercise don’t make a difference to the fat on their flanks, men can turn to HD Body Sculpting for a toned, athletic physique. After the procedure, they’ll be able to wear fitted shirts without feeling insecure and pants that finally fit without flab spilling over the top.

Neither women nor men need to worry about sagging skin after their treatments—Belle Medical’s procedures stimulate tissue retraction and collagen synthesis to promote a tightened and toned appearance. Many patients continue to lose weight after hip fat reduction or love handle removal, and taking inches off of the stomach area can improve their endurance and flexibility.

The Best Candidates for Hip and Love Handle Treatments

Our medical experts will work with you during a consultation to make sure you’re a good candidate for treatment and that you know what to expect before and after your procedure. Many patients get hip or love handle treatments in conjunction with other procedures, and our providers can help you determine whether treating other areas (such as your abdomen or back) is necessary to achieve your goals. The best candidates for hip fat and love handle reduction treatments are people who are:

  • At a stable weight and committed to a healthy lifestyle
  • Generally healthy
  • Unhappy with their current appearance and have enough fat on their hips or love handles to remove
  • Able to rest and recover after treatment

Hip Fat and Love Handle Removal FAQs

How soon will I see results?
Right away! You will see the treatment’s impact before you leave our clinic on the day of your procedure. Your hips and/or love handles will continue to improve in appearance over several weeks, with results becoming fully realized after about four weeks.

How long do results last?
Since the body is extremely unlikely to replace permanently removed fat cells, your results should last forever. However, diet and lifestyle are the ultimate determining factors in maintaining fat loss, so following a healthy diet and exercise routine will help you enhance your results and keep unwanted fat from returning to your sides. Even if you do regain weight in this area, though, it will never be to the same extent as before your procedure.

Does HD Body Sculpting hurt?
Our cutting-edge technology enables us to offer a minimally invasive fat removal treatment that, unlike alternatives, doesn’t cut, tear, heat, or freeze the surrounding tissue. We use a local anesthetic and/or oral medications to put you in a relaxed state during treatment. Keep in mind that every person experiences pain differently, so our providers will assess each patient individually to help maximize their comfort during the procedure.

How much does HD Body Sculpting cost?
The cost of a nonsurgical hip fat or love handle removal procedure varies depending on the size of the areas treated, but we offer prices that fit everyone’s budget. We are happy to help you schedule a free consultation where you can learn more about treatment plans that are right for your needs and discuss our in-house financing options as well.

Hip Fat Reduction and Love Handle Removal at Belle Medical

Belle Medical can help both women and men get the defined bodies they’ve always dreamed of. Remove your stubborn hip fat and say goodbye to love handles forever—schedule your free consultation today!

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