While every person’s physique, genetics, and lifestyle are unique to them, the body’s ways of aging, shrinking, and growing tend to follow patterns, meaning we all have a little more in common than we think.

The body is an efficient machine, and it will always pull fat from the easiest sources for energy consumption. Unfortunately, this means the parts of the body with cells predisposed to retain fat are likely to gain and hang onto weight. Women have high counts of estrogen, a fat storing hormone, in their breasts, stomach, and thighs. For men, low testosterone and high cortisol can manifest in extra fat around the flanks and belly.

Being unable to lose weight through diet and exercise does not make you a flawed person—it’s tough to fight against your own body chemistry. An HD Body Sculpting procedure removes fat-storing cells from areas of the body that won’t budge and changes your whole body composition, leading to a more even fat distribution across the board. Here’s more info about the most common areas of the body for which our patients request procedures, as well as some of the treatments we perform on each one.

Lower Abdomen (Stomach and Abs)
67% of patients have this area treated

There are lots of reasons why stubborn abdominal fat is, well, stubborn. Your age, diet, sex, sleep habits, hormones, and other factors all play a role, and sometimes, no matter how hard we work, we just can’t lose weight around our stomach and abs. That’s why permanent fat removal treatments targeting the lower abdominal area are some of the most common we provide. Our HD Body Sculpting procedure is an effective, noninvasive method that gets lasting results for these common weight loss woes. If you’ve struggled to slim down your stomach, this may be a great option for you.

Often, while seeking treatment for belly fat, our patients opt to target upper back fat, too, particularly around the bra area for women. Be sure to explore all of your options when considering HD Body Sculpting.

Flanks, Hips, and Love Handles
62% of patients have this area treated

We’re so collectively familiar with the extra pounds we pack on the sides of our bodies we have a not-so-affectionate name for them: love handles. Love handles and hips together make up our flanks, and the flanks make up 62 percent of our patients’ treatments. Slimming your hips and waist can be the most effective way to achieve a svelte figure—clothes fit better, and you’ll feel more comfortable in your body overall. Though it’s less common among our patients, HD Body Sculpting can be a great solution for the outer and inner thighs, too.

Upper Abdomen (Chest and Breasts)
51% of patients have this area treated

Another common area of the body we treat, in both men and women, is the chest. Men often find it hard to lose stubborn fat in the chest, and frequently request HD Body Sculpting to firm and sculpt their pectorals.

Women are generally looking for something else in a chest treatment. Using a minimally invasive, non-surgical fat transfer procedure, we can repurpose unwanted fat, using it to naturally add shape and volume to the breasts. Simpler than a traditional breast augmentation, this procedure is best for women who want to naturally enhance their breast size and lose fat from elsewhere.

Depending on where you’re seeking treatment and how much fat there is to remove, you might consider taking care of some nearby areas in the same visit. Other areas that can benefit from HD Body Sculpting include the knees, chin, arms, calves, and thighs.

If permanent fat removal sounds like something you’d be interested in, ask us about HD Body Sculpting today. Though needs and results may vary, one thing is for certain: You’re certainly not alone in seeking a little help with achieving your ideal body shape—and that’s exactly what we’re for.

Wendy Townsend
Author: Wendy Townsend

Wendy has always had a passion for wellness and making a difference in people’s lives. Her lifelong interest in diet, exercise, and overall wellness led her to join Belle Medical in 2017, where she’s been able to combine her knowledge and experience with cutting-edge technology to help patients spot reduce stubborn areas of their bodies and bring their inner beauty outside too. Wendy strongly believes that if people feel good about themselves, they will go out and make a difference in the lives of others as well.

Wendy is a wife and the mother of six children. She also has two grandchildren. She attended school at BYU-Idaho and UVU. In addition to her medical experience, she has a natural talent for writing and public speaking. She authored a children’s book about the loss of a parent after experiencing the loss of her first husband to cancer. Before joining Belle Medical, she and her husband operated a successful home-based wellness company for three years, which involved mentoring, coaching, and personal development.