Science and technology have finally made it possible to get larger, shapelier breasts and buttocks naturally. If fear of implants and foreign substances has been holding you back, you’ll be excited to hear you can enhance your breasts and buttocks with your own fat.

If you schedule a Natural Fat Transfer procedure with Belle Medical, we’ll use HD Body Sculpting to permanently remove fat from problem areas where you don’t want it and move it to areas where you do. This combination of treatments allows you to slim down and perk up the right spots all at once.

We’re sure you have a lot of questions: “What is a Fat Transfer? What can I expect? How does the process work? Do I have enough fat for a Fat Transfer? Will my results last?” We’re here to answer all of them.

What Is a Fat Transfer?
A Fat Transfer is a natural solution that restores volume and shape to certain areas of the body in a very natural-looking way. Fat is taken from your body via HD Body Sculpting, a minimally invasive treatment, and transferred to areas of the body where volume is needed.

The most common Fat Transfer procedures include breast augmentation and Brazilian butt lifts. Fat Transfer treatments can also subtly smooth out wrinkles and restore volume to places that lose definition with age, like the neck and chin.

What Can You Expect From a Fat Transfer?
The results of a Natural Fat Transfer will depend on three main factors:

1)    How much fat we can harvest. We’ll need to remove a sufficient amount of fat during an HD Body Sculpting treatment for a Fat Transfer to get results. Typically, we need to remove fat from at least two areas of your body to have enough, depending on which parts of your body you’d like to spot reduce. Areas such as the stomach or thighs will typically have more fat than areas such as the arms or back (bra fat). If you don’t have a lot of fat on your body, a Fat Transfer may not be an option for you. We’ll tell you how much fat you need for doing a successful Fat Transfer breast augmentation or butt lift during your consultation.

2)    How much fat the area will need. The area that we are transferring fat to is unique to every patient’s body. We can almost always give a patient their desired results, within reason, but we may need more fat to do it. For example, if a patient already has a naturally small chest, we’ll need to add more fat to the breasts than we would for a patient with a larger chest.

3)    How much fat will survive. About 70% of the fat transferred to the chosen areas will survive the process your body will take after procedure. Because of this, we typically transfer a little more fat to the area to make up for the 30% that will disappear in the weeks following your treatment.

Most Fat Transfer breast augmentation procedures make the patient one or two cup sizes larger, but we’ve had patients go up three cup sizes—it all depends on how big they want their chest and how much fat we have to harvest. Whatever the size increase, the breasts will be much fuller and perkier. We can also increase the size of the patient’s buttocks by an equivalent amount.
How Does the Fat Transfer Process Work?
The Fat Transfer process is essentially the same as HD Body Sculpting, but with an extra step at the end. We’ll use gentle vibrations to break down the fat cells in your body, removing them through suction. After the final area of your body has gone through the fat removal process, we’ll use a centrifuge to separate your healthy fat cells from damaged ones, purifying the fat that will be used in your transfer.

Once the fat is ready, a medical assistant will measure how much of the fat should be put into each breast, buttock, or other body part so the lead provider knows when to stop. When all the fat has been transferred, a medical assistant will massage the area and ensure the fat has been broken up and distributed evenly for a natural-looking result.

Why Choose a Natural Fat Transfer Over Fillers or Implants?
For most, making body enhancements with their own fat cells rather than foreign substances is an obvious choice. You don’t have to worry about putting foreign materials or objects, like fillers, Botox, or implants, into your body, exposing yourself to the risk of allergies, infection, or implant rejection.

The results of a Natural Fat Transfer will also last forever. We can’t say the same for implants—units may break, leak, or need to be replaced over time. Fat Transfer is not just the safer option but also the more efficient and effective one. Learn more about these treatments’ longevity below.

Will Results Last?
We all lose volume and definition in certain areas over time, right? So will the fat we transfer actually stay where we put it?

The answer is yes. Of course, you must remember that only 70% of the fat originally transferred to the area will remain there. The other 30% is absorbed by the body’s lymphatic system. It is also highly dependent on how you treat your body after your procedure, from that point on.

In addition to following your vital post-op care instructions, taking care of yourself by leading a healthy lifestyle is a must! Eating right and getting sufficient exercise is always important, and we find many of our patients are even more motivated to maintain healthy habits after improving their appearance with a Belle Medical treatment.

Schedule a Natural Fat Transfer With Belle Medical
If you’re ready to enhance your breasts or buttocks with your own fat cells, schedule a free consultation with the Belle Medical team. We’ll answer any remaining questions you have and come up with a personalized plan to help you get the more firm and pleasing figure you’ve always wanted.

Wendy Townsend
Author: Wendy Townsend

Wendy has always had a passion for wellness and making a difference in people’s lives. Her lifelong interest in diet, exercise, and overall wellness led her to join Belle Medical in 2017, where she’s been able to combine her knowledge and experience with cutting-edge technology to help patients spot reduce stubborn areas of their bodies and bring their inner beauty outside too. Wendy strongly believes that if people feel good about themselves, they will go out and make a difference in the lives of others as well.

Wendy is a wife and the mother of six children. She also has two grandchildren. She attended school at BYU-Idaho and UVU. In addition to her medical experience, she has a natural talent for writing and public speaking. She authored a children’s book about the loss of a parent after experiencing the loss of her first husband to cancer. Before joining Belle Medical, she and her husband operated a successful home-based wellness company for three years, which involved mentoring, coaching, and personal development.