Permanently Remove Arm Fat With
Arm Sculpting

For many women, and men with low testosterone, the upper arms are a problem area prone to storing stubborn fat. Diet and exercise are rarely enough to get rid of the fat that builds up on the arms, no matter how many pushups and arm curls you do. We use cute terms like “arm pillows” and “bat wings” to describe extra fat in the arms, but there isn’t really anything cute about it.

When arm flab makes a negative impact on your body image and self-confidence, and none of your hard work makes a difference, Belle Medical’s arm sculpting treatment can help. Our procedure for permanent arm fat removal will have you feeling good about wearing short sleeves again.

Why Is Arm Fat Loss So Hard?

If you struggle with arm fat loss, you aren’t alone. Anyone who’s ever tried to get rid of their stubborn arm fat can tell you it’s a difficult proposition. There are a few reasons why trying to lose arm fat can be discouraging:

  • Biological Factors
    Excess arm fat, especially on the triceps, is usually caused by a lack of testosterone. Testosterone makes the androgen receptors in fat cells release fat from the cells into the bloodstream. Some men have low testosterone levels, allowing fat to build up in their arms, and women don’t have high testosterone by default. The biological element means diet and exercise aren’t likely to make a big difference when trying to lose arm fat.
  • Loose Skin
    Even if you tone your triceps and lose some of the fat over them, you’re likely to be left with loose skin in your arms, which can be just as unsightly as the fat itself. Targeted exercise won’t eliminate this problem completely.

What is Arm Sculpting?

If you are really determined to get rid of your arm flab, consider an arm sculpting procedure from Belle Medical. Using our HD Body Sculpting technology, we’ll break down the fat cells in your arms and permanently remove them with a gentle suction process. Low testosterone isn’t a problem when the fat cells with high androgen receptors are gone for good. Our arm sculpting methods also promote skin retraction, creating tighter muscle definition around the arms and eliminating the loose skin problem that comes from losing arm fat naturally.

Arm sculpting is a minimally invasive treatment that doesn’t require general anesthesia, cutting, ripping, or cooling. Our patients can expect next-to-no scarring, if any, and a fast recovery time—you should be able to go back to work in a day or two, and back to your exercise routine in about two weeks.

While this procedure is very effective at getting rid of arm fat where diet and exercise can’t help, it shouldn’t be thought of as a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. People who are already making an effort to reach their goal weight see the best long-term results.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

When you’re ready to slim down your arms for a better overall physique, contact Belle Medical about a free consultation with one of our providers. We’ll make sure you’re a good candidate for an arm sculpting procedure and discuss your goals and ideal body shape in great detail.

Say goodbye to your bat wings and get ready to take the world by storm in T-shirts and dresses. Get in touch with us to start planning your HD Body Sculpting treatment now.

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