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Breast Augmentation

Belle Medical uses advanced sculpting technology to take stubborn fat from high-volume areas and transfer it to the breasts to create your desired shape and volume. We tailor each treatment to your preferences, giving natural long-lasting results that are safer than alternative enhancement options.

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Natural Fat Transfer to Breasts

Natural breast augmentation by Belle Medical offers a unique, minimally invasive alternative to traditional breast implants. Using our advanced BelleSculpt technology, we harvest fat from areas of your body where it’s unwanted and skillfully transfer it to enhance your breast size and shape. This method not only increases breast volume naturally but also improves body contours where the fat is removed, providing dual benefits from a single procedure.

Benefits of Natural Fat Transfers

Belle Medical’s natural breast augmentation delivers immediate visible results with minimal recovery time. Most patients return to normal activities within 24-48 hours post-treatment, thanks to the use of local anesthesia and minimal surgical intervention. This technique avoids the risks associated with traditional breast implants such as scarring, implant rejection, and long recovery periods. Furthermore, our approach promotes natural-looking results by enhancing breast shape and volume using your own body’s fat, ensuring the enhancements age naturally without the need for future maintenance.

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Breast Augmentation FAQs

Lactation can cause difficulties with the transferred fat cells. To ensure the transferred fat cells thrive we recommend waiting 6 months after you have finished breast feeding for a fat transfer. However, you can absolutely have a fat removal procedure while breastfeeding.

Unlike traditional breast implants that insert foreign material into your body, our natural augmentation enhances the breasts using only the body’s own fat. No maintenance is necessary, and the breasts will age normally.

Unlike a traditional augmentation, in which unnatural, foreign objects are inserted into the breasts, our transfer uses only the body’s natural fat to deliver far superior results. Not only are the breasts augmented, but the surrounding areas of the body are minimized, enhancing the body’s natural curvature. The natural fat allows for restoration of volume in the breast tissue that naturally falls as a result of aging or pregnancy. The transferred fat helps reshape the breasts in a way that looks and feels natural.

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