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We use proprietary, FDA cleared technology to get natural-looking results designed to last. At Belle Medical, we are committed providing our patients with safe and effective treatments.

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  • Amy Aggen
    “I absolutely loved my experience here”

    They made sure I was educated in what was happening every step of the way. Those girls are so helpful and welcoming!

  • Candace Bunnage
    “I am 100% confident in Belle Medical”

    The staff at Belle Medical is amazing. I’m 1 month post op and the results are incredible!!! I can’t wait to go back!!!

  • Arthur Bethel
    “I know I’ll be in good hands with Belle Medical”

    The consultant was very sympathetic and very informative when answering the hundreds of questions I had about the procedure.

  • Erika Howard
    Mommy Makeover
    “I highly recommend! I lost 8 inches and see the difference in my clothing”

    I had been to 5 other places and even considered going out the country to have lipo done then I found Belle! I have lost 8 inches!

  • Brittany Vergara
    “I lost 15 pounds in 2 months!”

    I just finished my 2nd month of Semiglutide and have lost 15 lbs! Staff is attentive and helpful in answering all my questions.

  • Beth Cooley
    “Very impressed with Belle Medical and Semaglutide!”

    I was very impressed with them and the medication. I also loved that I could text them and they would respond that sameday.

  • Gina Stanley
    “From the first meeting, Belle Medical had a positive, helpful atmosphere”

    The results have been excellent and I'm happy to wear shorts or short skirts again!

  • Kristie Wallis
    “They made me feel comfortable with the process and were so patient and kind”

    The staff at Belle medical are the best. They became like family and I will miss seeing them on a weekly basis!

  • Elizabeth Baraga
    “I lost even more than the 2-5 inch guarantee!”

    My arms are each 2.75 inches smaller! That’s a total of 5.5 inches. I consider myself an over achiever at this point!

  • Cory Wilson
    Dad Bod Makeover
    “Don’t pay for plastic surgery, go to Belle Medical!”

    I struggled with gynecomastia for over 10 years and my results look great!! The results were better than my expectations!!

  • Ashley Soule
    “Belle Medical has been a dream come true”

    I had 3 areas done and I am so happy, I'm continually seeing results! I can't wait to go back for some more areas to be done.

  • Gisselle Nunez
    “I felt like I was at the hair salon or talking to friends.”

    During the procedure, I was laughing with my provider and medical assistant. Just some pinching, but nothing I couldn't handle!

  • Jessica Flores
    “I have my life back and I’m a happier me!!!”

    What a life changing experience. I lost 15 inches and 12 pounds! The Belle Medical team/family will help you achieve your goals!

  • Richard Hoelzel
    “If you’ve been considering this type of a procedure, do yourself a favor and go to Belle!”

    I can’t say enough great things about the way I was treated. At 59 I feel so comfortable in MY own skin.

  • Angela Miller
    “The team at Belle is just as excited for my results as I am!”

    I’m very happy with the results I have so far. I went back to work 2 days after my procedure and have been seeing results daily.

  • Debra McMillin
    “I highly recommend Belle Medical”

    The surgery was easy, I have a high tolerance to pain. I have lost inches from my chest down to my hips & around 35lbs so far.

  • Richard Church
    Dad Bod Makeover
    “Thanks to all the staff for their patience with my unending questions!”

    My concerns were fully addressed. The staff could not have been nicer. It felt like we were family more than friends or patients!

  • Crystal Emmer
    “Everyone was on Team Crystal throughout my entire journey”

    The staff that took care of me were beyond amazing! They treated me with so much respect and dignity. I went from a size 24 to 14!

  • “I lost 8 inches!”

    I had visited other facilities, but Belle Medical offered the best prices, friendliest staff, and most promising results.

  • Joye Watson
    “Thank you Belle Medical!!”

    Amazing team of professional and caring people!! I was treated with the upmost care and compassion. I'm thrilled with my results!

  • Lourae Young
    “Quick results!”

    I had my chin and neck done. My friends were so surprise after one day you could see results with all the extra fat gone!

  • Selina Little
    “Nothing but amazing experiences with Belle Medical!”

    The whole team is amazing. I was on the semaglutide program and had the body contour procedure done. I'm so happy with my results!

  • Kathy Jo White
    “I love what belle medical has done for me. I’m skinny again!”

    Mauri, Derek, Rachel, Joanna and everyone there was so wonderful! Aspen was so sweet and helpful. Thank you!!!

  • Jessica Steen
    Mommy Makeover
    “All you Mamas out there – don’t feel bad about spending money on yourself!”

    Pain was very tolerable, recovery was simple. When I got the before & after pictures I was stunned. I wish I wouldn't have waited!

  • Colleen Atherley
    “They made me feel welcome and valued.”

    I shopped around before coming here. Price wise they were similar, but the staff is what made the difference for me. Thank you!!

  • Stephanie Mecham
    “This has been life changing for me.”

    I have been super happy with the results. It’s nice to fit into my clothes better and have a boost in my self confidence.

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