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Anyone at Belle Medical would be happy to tell you that our patented, state-of-the-art procedures are the best and safest way to remove stubborn fat and create the body shape you’ve always wanted—of course, we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Luckily, there are plenty of satisfied Belle patients willing to share their experience with you instead.

The list of men and women who have forever changed their lives with help from our HD Body Sculpting and Fat Transfer treatments is long and always growing. Listen to some of them tell their stories about how adding shape and volume to their figures and spot reducing problem areas with our permanent fat removal techniques has made them healthier, more confident, and happier all around.

Being a mom is hard. It’s really hard, both on your body and on your mind. And that affects everything: you, your family, work. What Belle has done for me has affected not only me, but my family and my business. I feel so much better. I now have a feminine shape that I never thought I could have with diet or exercise and all the things I was stressing about.

I recommend Belle medical to anyone. Anyone looking in the mirror this morning and unhappy with what they see, the spots they can’t hide or can’t rid of, no matter what diet or exercise you try. You will NOT be disappointed.

Kristy Maguire

Mommy Makeover

For as long as I can remember, sports and fitness were my life. I spent my childhood and young adult life playing competitive soccer, swimming, wakeboarding, running, you name it. I was in shape … but I never loved my legs, hips, and knees. They were just ulgy and squishy. Fast forward 10 years and four kids later to my mid-thirties and WHOA! I really didn’t like my legs, hips, and knees. It was then that I was introduced to Belle Medical by a friend, and I thought ‘what the heck, I have nothing to lose. Let’s give it a try.’ I was pleasantly surprised at how fast the process was, and the staff was amazing! I would recommend Belle Medical to anyone who has those stubborn areas that just need to disappear!

Jenn Amico

HD Body Sculpting

I didn’t want a surgery that was invasive or had a lengthy recovery when all I was only trying to remove a few areas of fat. When I found out that Belle could remove these areas that I struggled with permanently, I was sold. It was the best decision that I ever made. My experience at Belle Medical was truly amazing. The next few days, I was a tiny bit sore, but it was a similar feeling to the day after a really good workout. It was totally manageable. Just a few days later, the soreness was gone and I had the body shape I hadn’t had in years and it is permanent. I’m so glad that I went to Belle Medical!

Cathy Gifford

HD Body Sculpting

My experience at Belle Medical was really good, it was really welcoming from the start. Part of the procedure was focused on my love handle area, which had been a problem area for me. They went in and cleaned up the area, something that I hadn’t been able to do on my own through diet and exercise.

RJ Best

HD Body Sculpting, Love Handles

They made everything so easy and there was no judgement and they did everything that I expected they would do. They were just amazing. After that, it gave me inspiration to continue to change my lifestyle for the better. If you need a little extra help; you need something to inspire you and make you feel better about yourself, I would totally tell you go to Belle Medical. After my experience, I want to do it again because it really helped me [and] inspired me, that’s what it’s all about.

Brian Benware

HD Body Sculpting

I did hiking, I did all sorts of exercising and used to have good results from that but there was that one thing that just wouldn’t go away. That stubborn belly fat was my enemy. When I went to go talk to Belle Medical, they answered all my questions. I’m happier than I could have imagined because when I came out of there, I noticed the results right away when I went home and what was really something. I didn’t expect that roll around the middle to be gone, I just thought it would help, but it got rid of it, and I’m so grateful for that.

Barbara Champion

HD Body Sculpting

I had my upper stomach, my lower stomach and my hips done. There was an immediate change. I was able to be active right away, I went hiking two days later. Just losing that extra weight enabled me to start to run and I upped my yoga game. It’s been really wonderful, it’s changed my life. I’m happier with my shape. I’m even more active than I was. I would highly recommend Belle Medical if you have any troubled areas, any problem areas. The results are immediate and it’s been life changing.

Alisa Huser

HD Body Sculpting, Upper & Lower Abs, Hips

Initially when I went in, I did my upper abdomen, my lower abdomen, and my flanks, and then I had the flank fat transferred to my breasts. It was perfect, so I wanted to continue. I then did my arms, chin, inner thighs, buttocks … it’s phenomenal. I feel great! I love the fact that you can pinpoint what your trouble spots are and those are the spots you can take care of. I now see myself as that beautiful, thin lady that I always knew was there.

Kena Ricks

HD Body Sculpting, Fat Transfer, Natural Breast Augmentation, Upper & Lower Abs Chin Sculpting, Arms

I rarely say this… but Belle Medical is the REAL DEAL! For years I dreaded standing in front of the mirror, not anymore thanks to Belle Medical! I’m one to work out and watch what I eat but I was still struggling with the fact that I couldn’t get rid of my Mommy Pooch, until now! I got the Mommy Makeover… and had instant results. 4 years later I look better than ever! I have my confidence back… which makes me a better wife and Mommy! Being a Mom of 3 in your 40’s isn’t so bad after all! Thanks Belle Medical!

Amy Chesley

Mommy Makeover, HD Body Sculpting, Fat Transfer

For years, I was trying my hardest to get rid of the spare tire around my waist. I’d been an avid triathlete, a marathon runner … I ran almost every single day of my life, but that spare tire just would never go away. When I started to talk to Belle Medical, I realized this belly fat was hormonal. A lot of men have it, and the way to get rid of it isn’t through exercise. No matter how hard I worked, I wasn’t gonna get rid of it without the help of Belle Medical. For anyone who has those stubborn areas, just understand that it’s not your fault. Belle Medical is here to take care of that hormonal fat.

Brent Rowe

HD Body Sculpting

We all have that one problem area we want to take care of—for me, that was my stomach. I tried CoolSculpting, but it wasn’t really taking care of the problem. I went to Belle Medical and knew right when I walked in the door that I was in good hands. Not only did I do my stomach but also a couple areas on my upper back that had been bothering me. Within two days after my procedure, I didn’t feel sore at all. I feel confident and slender, and my skirts fit great. Belle Medical is 100% worth it.

Janeen Golightly

HD Body Sculpting