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Mel Giles

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About Mel

I love to be active, I’ve always loved the outdoors and fitness. After I had to have an ovary removed a couple years ago, my hormones made it really hard to lose belly fat. I tried everything and nothing worked until I found Belle Medical. They helped me get instant results so I could finally show off all the hard work I’d put in at the gym.

Her Experience

Mauri, the Treatment Coordinator, was so nice and answered all my questions. The fact that the results were guaranteed was really a game changer. Day of procedure, I was a little nervous, but during the procedure, I was so comfortable. We were laughing and singing, and the provider had me check to make sure my abs looked the way I wanted. I woke up the next morning with instant results! Recovery wasn’t bad – I was sore, like I had a killer ab workout. I was up and moving, I was able to be active.

The Results

With the instant results, it wasn’t just about feeling skinny again, it was about instantly getting my confidence back. Looking in the mirror now, it’s amazing that I’ve always felt really good, but now I finally look the way that I feel.

The procedure is easy and affordable. It's WORTH IT.

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I would recommend Belle Medical to anyone who has been working hard to get rid of that extra fat and needs a little help with their confidence. The procedure is easy and affordable and it’s WORTH IT.

Get 10% Discount

Off your procedure when you mention Mel10

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