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Kristy Maguire

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About Kristy

I’m a busy photographer and mom to 4 crazy boys. My body has been through some changes—some easy to jump back from, some not so easy. I’ve always had issues with my shape. Who would have thought, after 1 visit, all those body issues could be fixed?

Her Experience

The procedure itself was pretty easy. I’ve had worse dental procedures than that! The provider and assistants were so nice. As a mom, it was almost like a nice break, just listen to music and lay down for a few hours. The day after the procedure, I was back to my routine. I was sore, but could jump back in to mom duties.

The Results

Initially, I lost 10 inches. But the procedure really got me to start walking and working out. I was motivated to make healthy decisions and eventually I lost 40 lbs!

They recycled my fat! I now have the feminine shape I always wanted.

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2 years later, I’m still feeling amazing. My husband just got a procedure and he’s feeling more confident than ever. It’s been amazing to see how my family has benefited from me taking some time, attention, (and money) to help myself. It really has changed my life.

Get 10% Discount

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