New Year’s resolutions are notoriously tough to keep. If you’ve already failed in keeping your New Year’s resolution for 2021, you’re not alone! Every year, millions of people make resolutions to eat better, exercise more, and make other improvements to their lives but lose steam within just a few weeks.

When Do New Year’s Resolutions Commonly Fail?

Most resolutions made at the beginning of a new year are broken or abandoned by February. In fact, the failure rate for New Year’s resolutions is at an astounding 80 percent before the start of the second month. Many studies have been conducted on why New Year’s resolutions fail so frequently, and the number one reason is a lack of self-discipline. People who make resolutions try to form and keep to new routines quickly, but routines take an extraordinary amount of discipline and planning to become a natural part of our day-to-day lives.

Jump-Starting Your Resolution

One resolution we may all have made a few times in our lives is to lead a healthier lifestyle. This usually means eating healthier, exercising more, and losing some of the extra pounds we put on during the holiday season. Here is where we see another reason why new year’s resolutions fail: a lack of quick results. People tend to get discouraged if they aren’t seeing the results they are looking for rather quickly. Instead of continuing their routines at the gym and maintaining their diets, they start slacking off and end up right back where they started.

If this is or has ever been the case for you, Belle Medical can help you get the results you’re looking for faster so you can stay focused on your health routine without getting disheartened. Our renowned HD Body Sculpting treatment will remove your extra fat and restore the muscle definition you’re looking for sooner. Studies have shown that once people start to see results, they are more inclined to continue to eat healthy and stay active. HD Body Sculpting can give you the head start you need to make sure failed New Year’s resolutions are a thing of the past.

For those unfamiliar with HD Body Sculpting, it is a minimally invasive procedure in which we remove fat from specific areas of the body for good. Our technology allows us to do this with no incisions, tearing, freezing, or burning, and most patients recover in just one or two days. Our patients love seeing results seemingly overnight and feel more motivated than ever to keep their new bodies looking and feeling great. To get more info and a free consultation with our team of experts, fill out this form and we’ll reach out to set up your appointment!

Stay Resolved With Belle Medical

Trying to go from no health routine to a dedicated regimen in a single day (or even a single month) is a tough ask. If you’re one of those who have abandoned their resolutions this year, don’t give up! Acknowledge how difficult it is to make lasting lifestyle changes and start again, slowly. If you’re interested in jump-starting the process so you can get results sooner than later, though, make sure to look into the HD Body Sculpting procedure at Belle Medical. Next year, you won’t care what percentage of New Year’s resolutions fail—you’ll be one of the successful stats.

McKay Taylor
Author: McKay Taylor

McKay has a love and passion for health and physical aesthetics. He went to Utah State on a full-ride academic scholarship, majoring in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition. McKay is currently the CMO of Belle Medical, a competitive bodybuilder, and a Certified Personal Trainer and Dietitian. When he’s not reading up on the latest breakthroughs in health and fitness research, he’s working hard to set trends of his own. Most importantly, McKay truly believes that with proper eating habits, training, and the right medical interventions (a la Belle Medical), no physique or personal body goal is out of reach for ANYONE.