When we designed our Mommy Makeover combo treatment, we had a specific demographic in mind: moms who were done having children and were ready but struggling to get their pre-pregnancy body back. The procedure was an instant hit, helping boost the confidence of frustrated and deserving moms who wanted to once again feel the comfort and confidence that their former bodies brought them.

While women whose bodies have been changed by pregnancy are common candidates for body sculpting, you don’t need to have given birth to have gone through frustrating body changes that sometimes feel impossible to resolve. That’s why we highly recommend that any woman who is experiencing these issues, whether she’s a mom or not, think about a Mommy Makeover procedure.

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

The Mommy Makeover treatment sculpts and reshapes the areas of your body that have been altered by pregnancy or regular weight gain, in particular loose abdominal skin, sagging breasts, loss of volume in the buttocks, and unwanted fat on the sides of the stomach. With HD Body Sculpting, we’ll use ultrasound to break down the fat cells in these target areas and permanently remove that fat from your body, while also sculpting and contouring the areas.

Mommy Makeovers also involve Fat Transfer, a process in which our providers take the fat that was removed from your body during the sculpting phase and inject it into another area to restore plumpness and firmness. This procedure is most commonly used for a natural breast augmentation or a Brazilian butt lift.

Each Mommy Makeover is different, since we personalize the procedure so it addresses the target areas indicated by each individual patient. Our number one goal is to relieve you of your insecurities and return your body to a state you can feel totally comfortable in.

Who Is a Mommy Makeover For?

As we indicated above, we initially designed the Mommy Makeover for mothers who were done having children and wanted their former, pre-pregnancy body back. However, women go through body changes for many reasons, across many phases of life. The areas mothers tend to have trouble with are not exclusive to those who have experienced pregnancy. The normal rigors and changes of life are enough for any woman to experience hard-to-burn fat buildup in the stomach, hips, and thighs, as well as deflated breasts and buttocks. That’s why, despite the name of the Mommy Makeover, we highly recommend the procedure to any woman who is experiencing the frustration and discomfort of a body that doesn’t bring them confidence.

A Mommy Makeover, which can include a variety of different HD Body Sculpting and Fat Transfer procedures, is quick, painless, and permanent. Belle Medical uses cutting-edge technology and highly experienced and knowledgeable providers to break down fat cells, remove them, and, if needed, transfer that fat to other areas of the body that have lost their plumpness. The procedure is minimally invasive, has a short recovery time, and is guaranteed to restore your confidence. Ready to reintroduce yourself to the body you know and love? Book a free consultation with Belle Medical today to learn more about what the Mommy Makeover can achieve for you, whether you’re a mom or not.

Wendy Townsend
Author: Wendy Townsend

Wendy has always had a passion for wellness and making a difference in people’s lives. Her lifelong interest in diet, exercise, and overall wellness led her to join Belle Medical in 2017, where she’s been able to combine her knowledge and experience with cutting-edge technology to help patients spot reduce stubborn areas of their bodies and bring their inner beauty outside too. Wendy strongly believes that if people feel good about themselves, they will go out and make a difference in the lives of others as well.

Wendy is a wife and the mother of six children. She also has two grandchildren. She attended school at BYU-Idaho and UVU. In addition to her medical experience, she has a natural talent for writing and public speaking. She authored a children’s book about the loss of a parent after experiencing the loss of her first husband to cancer. Before joining Belle Medical, she and her husband operated a successful home-based wellness company for three years, which involved mentoring, coaching, and personal development.