Belle Medical patients know there’s a lot more that goes into the experience than the procedure itself. We also work hard to make you comfortable before treatment and promote fast healing and excellent results afterward. Lymphatic massage is a big part of every stage of the process.

Lymphatic massage and Lypossage have many benefits, including helping make HD Body Sculpting procedures more effective.

What Is Lymphatic Massage?

The combination of lymphatic massage with Lypossage, a manual contouring technique, is a noninvasive body treatment clinically proven to enhance our HD Body Sculpting clients’ results by helping to promote smooth, toned skin, reduce cellulite, and flush drainage from the system after procedure. The lymphatic/Lypossage massage stimulates the production of elastin and

collagen in the body while simultaneously toning the muscles and lifting and firming sagging skin.

These massage techniques work the adipose fat tissue layer both before and during the HD Body Sculpting procedure, making it more pliable and soft for more effective sculpting. Lymphatic massage is also beneficial for patients who have had previous surgeries or experienced childbirth. It relaxes sensitive areas and scar tissue for a gentler body sculpting treatment.

Lymphatic massage and Lypossage techniques also speed up healing time after a procedure. This is accomplished by improving circulation, cleansing the body of lymphatic fluid, and performing myofascial release and visceral manipulation.

Important Lymphatic Massage Terms

Not sure what those phrases above mean? Let’s go over them.

Lymphatic massage cleanses the body of lymphatic fluid, or lymph, the fluid that exists between the cells in all body tissues and flows through the lymphatic system, a critical part of the body’s circulatory processes. Excess lymphatic fluid creates irregularities in the skin, such as lumps, bulges, dimples, cellulite, etc. Lypossage breaks up the adhesions under the skin that create these irregularities.

Myofascial release involves gently applying pressure to the myofascial connective tissues in the body, helping to eliminate pain and restore motion.

Visceral manipulation assists with the functional and structural imbalances within the body, including musculoskeletal, vascular, nervous, urogenital, respiratory, digestive and lymphatic dysfunctions.

More About Lymphatic Massage

Manual lymph drainage is a specialized type of massage. By gently assisting the body’s lymphatic system, it helps to maintain the body’s fluid balance, circulation, and immune mechanisms. During your lymphatic massage, the massage therapist will use a series of gliding, stretching, cupping, and compressing motions over your body. The

gentle, rhythmic movements allow the lymphatic system to be stimulated without compressing the vessels. This allows lymphatic fluid to move more easily through your tissues and lymph nodes.

Lymph nodes filter out the waste and debris throughout the body and collect at major points, such as the neck and underarms. Massaging these areas with special lymphatic techniques ensures that lymph is able to pass through as quickly and smoothly as possible, so as to return to the circulatory system sooner.

Some patients choose to complete half of their 6-9 lymphatic massage/Lypossage sessions before their HD Body Sculpting procedure, then get the other half afterward. There are massive benefits to being massaged in both stages.

A Calming Effect

With the blend of myofascial release, visceral manipulation, lymphatic drainage, sports massage, and a touch of Swedish techniques, lymphatic massage can truly be a boon to not just your HD Body Sculpting results but also your peace of mind. It’s understandable to be a little nervous both before your procedure and after, when you’ll be going out into the world with a new body for the first time. Our massage therapists will put you in a relaxed frame of mind that will help you feel confident about living with your new look.

How Much Does Lymphatic Massage Cost?

Our lymphatic massage treatments are included with every Belle Medical procedure at no extra cost. When you sign up for HD Body Sculpting, you’ll get to experience this amazing synergistic massage technique as well.

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