We’ve all been there: You’re working night and day on your fitness routine, and even though your fitness goals are within reach, that last stubborn bit of fat you’re trying to shed stays put. It was this common problem that led Belle Medical to develop our HD Body Sculpting treatment.

HD Body Sculpting is a minimally invasive, targeted fat loss procedure that can get rid of fat in areas where diet and exercise have a limited impact. Our proprietary fat spot reduction techniques will permanently remove your stubborn and hormonal fat so you can finally have the body you’ve always wanted.

The Hardest Places to Lose Fat

If you’re interested in targeted fat loss in the stomach, you are certainly not alone. Whether it’s fat on your sides that just won’t go away or abdominal fat that keeps your six-pack from showing, spot reduction in the tummy is one of our most commonly requested HD Body Sculpting treatments. Oftentimes, it is simply genetics that is to blame for stubborn fat. If your body is predisposed to hold more fat cells in your belly and abdomen, that isn’t going to ever change. Sit-ups and changing your diet can help, but ultimately these fat cells will always be present in the area. A fat spot reduction procedure can help you remove these problem areas for good.

The arms are another prominent area for targeted fat loss. Interestingly, a lack of testosterone is to blame for many cases of excess arm fat, especially in the tricep area. Testosterone causes androgen receptors in the area to release fat from the fat cells into the bloodstream. Because of these biological issues, arm fat is difficult to lose through diet and exercise. HD Body Sculpting can remove fat cells with high androgen receptors forever, meaning you can start working toward the arms you’ve always wanted.

HD Body Sculpting can be used for fat spot reduction in the back as well. The back tends to be less influenced by lifestyle choices than other areas of the body, preventing back fat from disappearing. In addition, there are fewer muscles pushing back on fat in the back, making it a bit more revealing than other areas. Like every other area treated by HD Body Sculpting, though, once fat cells in the back are removed, they are gone forever. Targeted fat loss through body contouring can help you fit into those shirts or bathing suits you’ve been wanting to wear for years.

Lose Stubborn Fat With Help From Belle Medical

Belle Medical offers HD Body Sculpting on many more areas of the body than those we discussed above. Chest, chin, hip, and thigh treatments, as well as Mommy and Dad Bod Makeover packages, can remove all the stubborn fat you’ve ever wanted to get rid of. Of course, the results of all of these procedures will be enhanced with positive lifestyle habits. The Belle Medical team is here to walk you through everything from what you can expect during the procedure to what your recovery process will look like and beyond. Contact us today via our free consultation form to get your targeted fat loss journey started.

McKay Taylor
Author: McKay Taylor

McKay has a love and passion for health and physical aesthetics. He went to Utah State on a full-ride academic scholarship, majoring in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition. McKay is currently the CMO of Belle Medical, a competitive bodybuilder, and a Certified Personal Trainer and Dietitian. When he’s not reading up on the latest breakthroughs in health and fitness research, he’s working hard to set trends of his own. Most importantly, McKay truly believes that with proper eating habits, training, and the right medical interventions (a la Belle Medical), no physique or personal body goal is out of reach for ANYONE.