Not too long ago, almost all cosmetic procedures were performed on women. Now, as demographics, cultural attitudes, and gender roles continue to evolve, these statistics are changing. Nearly 10% of today’s cosmetic treatment patients are men—an increase of almost 30% since the year 2000. At Belle Medical in particular, 35-40% of our patients each year are men, which is far above the national average.

Clearly, the belief that cosmetic procedures are only for women is dying out, and more men are comfortable seeking body enhancements and being open about their concern for their appearance. What’s behind this cultural shift? There are a few factors:

  • Availability: There are thousands of providers of cosmetic procedures all over the country. As body enhancing treatments become more accessible, men are more able and willing to explore their options.
  • Changing Gender Norms: Back in the day, society expected women to put more effort into their appearance, while men were left alone to age naturally without worrying about how their looks would hold them back. Today, these roles are flexible—just as women may no longer feel pressure to wear makeup everywhere they go, men can take greater care of their appearance with pride.
  • Increased Romantic Competition: For most of history, women have slightly outnumbered men in the population. Now, in much of the world, the reverse is true. Women tend to have more options when choosing a partner, especially on dating apps, where they get more attention and appearance matters more than personality at the outset. Because of the extra competition for women’s favor, many men are turning to cosmetic treatments to make themselves more attractive.

The Most Popular Procedures for Men

Men these days may care about their appearance as much as women do, but that doesn’t mean they want to look feminine. Here are some of the treatments men are getting to feel like better versions of their masculine selves:

  1. Chin Sculpting We can’t avoid looking into our own faces, which is hard for those with chubby cheeks or sagging skin. Many men go in for body sculpting to replace their jowls with a chiseled jawline. They may also get a natural fat transfer to the chin to fill out areas that have gone hollow with age.
  2. Chest Sculpting Social conventions may change, but broad, flat chests are still attractive on men. Older men, or any guys who struggle with weight, can remove the fat behind their unwanted curves (AKA “man boobs”) for a classic masculine look.
  3. Abdominal Etching Six-pack abs will always look good on everybody, but only men still get away with walking around shirtless in public. They’re happier to do so after going through permanent fat removal from their stomach area.
  4. Love Handle Removal Fat on the sides of the abdomen, commonly known as flanks or “love handles,” is a problem for fashion-conscious men. With a love handle removal procedure, they’ll be able to wear fitted pants and shirts without worrying about flab spilling over and ruining the outfit.

Not too long ago, a man who had a cosmetic procedure done could be seen as vain, shallow, or “one of the gals”—an unfortunate insult to both sexes. Today, neither women or men are afraid to try cosmetic procedures if it helps them look and feel their best. Contact Belle Medical today to find out what our HD Body Sculpting treatments can do for you too.

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