You can try to run from stubborn fat, but you can’t hide from it. Ask Brent Rowe, a dedicated running enthusiast who couldn’t get rid of his stomach fat no matter how many miles he logged on the track. In the end, it took one of Belle Medical’s permanent fat removal procedures to do for Brent what his vigorous exercise routine couldn’t. Let Brent take you through his HD Body Sculpting journey:

Brent’s Story

“For years, I was trying my hardest to get rid of the spare tire around my waist. I’d been an avid triathlete, a marathon runner … I ran almost every single day of my life, but that spare tire just would never go away. When I started to talk to Belle Medical, I realized this belly fat was hormonal. A lot of men have it, and the way to get rid of it isn’t through exercise.

The Belle team talked me through how everything was gonna work, and when I went in for the procedure, I felt really comfortable. The procedure took literally 45 minutes—I felt like I was in and out. Recovery was pretty low-key. I was able to start running again a few days after the procedure, and after about three weeks I was able to run a marathon.

The biggest thing I learned through this whole experience was the belly fat I had was not my fault. Hormonal fat just won’t go away without some intervention, even with all the diet and exercise programs in the world. No matter how hard I worked, I wasn’t gonna get rid of it without the help of Belle Medical.

For anyone who has those stubborn areas, just understand that it’s not your fault and don’t beat yourself up over it—hormonal fat is genetic, and everyone has it. Belle Medical is here to help people like us, who could never help themselves, try as they might, lose fat in those areas.”

Book Your Permanent Fat Removal Procedure

If you’re like Brent and you have pockets of hormonal fat that won’t budge no matter how hard you try to work them off, you may be a great candidate for HD Body Sculpting. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your goals and your eligibility with a member of our team.

McKay Taylor
Author: McKay Taylor

McKay has a love and passion for health and physical aesthetics. He went to Utah State on a full-ride academic scholarship, majoring in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition. McKay is currently the CMO of Belle Medical, a competitive bodybuilder, and a Certified Personal Trainer and Dietitian. When he’s not reading up on the latest breakthroughs in health and fitness research, he’s working hard to set trends of his own. Most importantly, McKay truly believes that with proper eating habits, training, and the right medical interventions (a la Belle Medical), no physique or personal body goal is out of reach for ANYONE.