If you’re wondering if fat can return after treatment, the simple answer is no. However, patients who continue to diet and exercise regularly see the most improvement in their overall physique. Body sculpting works best for patients who already embrace a healthy lifestyle but need extra help with toning certain problem areas that resist diet and exercise. Just because you get HD Body Sculpting to remove your love handles or beer belly doesn’t mean they’ll stay gone in a life filled with fast food and long couch sessions. Squeeze in those extra situps, run the extra mile, and use the tips below to maintain the best results after body sculpting.

Is Body Sculpting Permanent?

HD Body Sculpting targets and destroys subcutaneous fat cells, the fat directly underneath your skin, permanently. Subcutaneous fat makes up the flabby, pullable pockets that are typically visible around your abdomen, sides, or inner thighs. Since your body is unlikely to make new fat cells after puberty, the results of body sculpting are more or less permanent. Fat cells expand or shrink depending on weight gain and loss, but once fat cells are removed, they do not return.

What Happens If I Gain Weight After Treatment?

How long your results last is ultimately up to you—if you fail to continue a healthy lifestyle and gain weight, fat will come back in other areas of your body that weren’t treated with body sculpting. In general, the more weight you gain after treatment, the less noticeable your results will be.

While slight weight gain can diminish your overall toned look after treatment, the results of body sculpting will still be evident in the treatment area because it will have fewer fat cells than the surrounding areas. For example, if you get HD Body Sculpting on your abdomen, weight gain will likely be evident in your hips or buttocks. Many patients who gain considerable weight after treatment still tend to look better and see more noticeable differences in their overall shape than if they did not receive HD Body Sculpting.

Keep Your Weight Off for Best Results

Losing and maintaining weight after treatment is easy for most patients. Removing fat cells from the body improves insulin sensitivity and reduces the influence of hormones like cortisol that have a negative impact on metabolism. Most patients see a noticeable increase in their metabolic rate after treatment, which encourages better weight management.

On the psychological front, many patients keep the weight off because their newly slim figure motivates their success. In fact, some of our patients report losing more weight than expected after treatment due to their commitment to keeping their new body in shape. If you’re worried about gaining weight after treatment, we recommend creating a plan for maintaining your weight beforehand.

Write down a few goals for yourself, like going to the gym three days a week, walking around the block at work, or forfeiting dessert, and implement them after recovery. Small lifestyle changes can make a big difference on your path to healthy living—begin meal planning before your busy week starts, find an accountability buddy to get you to the gym daily, or commit to family walks after dinner. Create a plan for healthy living that is easy to follow and put into effect once you have recovered from treatment.

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