As anyone on a weight loss regimen knows, not all parts of the body are created equal when trying to shed fat. While certain areas tighten up a bit easier, others may never get to where you want them to be through just diet and exercise. Parts of the body like the stomach, abs, love handles, and chin/neck area are all common places that even the most devout gym-goers can never seem to shape up consistently.

If conventional methods aren’t getting you the body you want, body contouring can. Belle Medical’s unique HD Body Sculpting treatment is the best body sculpting procedure available—we’ll help you permanently remove fat from the stubborn areas that have the most impact on your overall figure, finally giving you the look you’ve been working so hard for.

The Stomach and Your Six-Pack

The most commonly targeted body sculpting area, the stomach, is often prone to hard-to-lose fat simply because of genetics. The human body is naturally inclined to hold more fat cells in the belly and abdomen, so no matter how many crunches you might do, it’ll be difficult to get the full results you’re looking for.

You’ll finally be able to get a flat tummy through HD Body Sculpting and abdominal etching. Not only will sculpting slim down your stomach, but for many of our patients, abdominal etching can help you get the chiseled six-pack physique you may never have thought was possible. Your confidence in wearing swimwear and dress wear will be evident when you step out into the public eye for the first time after your procedure.

The Love Handles/Flanks

Another one of the most popular body contouring areas is the love handle/flank region, where it’s notoriously challenging to lose weight. Ladies, if pregnancy has changed the shape of your body and you haven’t been able to wear that shirt you loved so much before the baby came, this is one of the best body sculpting procedures for you. Love handle treatments aren’t just for women, however. Men can achieve the fit and toned physique they’ve always wanted by getting HD Body Sculpting in the flanks.

The Chin and Neck

Chin and neck sculpting can make a huge difference to your facial features. The team at Belle Medical will balance your features and add definition when they permanently remove fat from your chin and neck area. They will also sculpt a jawline that brings out the best in your natural bone structure.

Excess chin and neck fat can make someone seem heavier than they actually are, and if you’ve been losing weight everywhere but the place where first impressions are made, HD Body Sculpting could prove extremely beneficial to you and your confidence. Men can enhance their masculine appearance with a newly defined jawline, and people of all genders will look younger after their sagging jowls and other signs of aging are tightened up.

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Belle Medical has performed thousands of procedures that have helped people look better and feel more satisfied with themselves. HD Body Sculpting is a safe, minimally invasive way to get the body you’ve always dreamed of almost instantly. If you have any questions, please fill out our free consultation form so one of our experts can reach out to you as soon as possible.

Wendy Townsend
Author: Wendy Townsend

Wendy has always had a passion for wellness and making a difference in people’s lives. Her lifelong interest in diet, exercise, and overall wellness led her to join Belle Medical in 2017, where she’s been able to combine her knowledge and experience with cutting-edge technology to help patients spot reduce stubborn areas of their bodies and bring their inner beauty outside too. Wendy strongly believes that if people feel good about themselves, they will go out and make a difference in the lives of others as well.

Wendy is a wife and the mother of six children. She also has two grandchildren. She attended school at BYU-Idaho and UVU. In addition to her medical experience, she has a natural talent for writing and public speaking. She authored a children’s book about the loss of a parent after experiencing the loss of her first husband to cancer. Before joining Belle Medical, she and her husband operated a successful home-based wellness company for three years, which involved mentoring, coaching, and personal development.