It sounds too good to be true: losing weight and getting the sculpted body of your dreams without exercise, dieting, or surgery. Impossible, right?

Not with today’s advancements in medical technology. Nonsurgical body sculpting is a treatment in which a specialist destroys fat cells using either cold, heat, ultrasound, or radiofrequency procedures. These body sculpting treatments are nonsurgical, noninvasive and completely safe and effective.

Does Noninvasive Body Sculpting Actually Work?

Of course! We’ll break the different processes down for you so you can better understand how a provider can remove fat from the body without invasive methods. Nonsurgical body sculpting usually happens one of four ways:

  1. By freezing fat cells: fat underneath the skin is destroyed by cold temperatures
  2. By heating fat cells: a laser is used to heat and destroy the fat cells it comes in contact with
  3. By using ultrasound energy: an ultrasound vibration breaks down fat cells beneath the skin, after which they’re removed using gentle suction
  4. By using radiofrequency energy: radiofrequency energy creates heat that destroys fat cells

Unfortunately, heating, cooling, and radiofrequency energy can’t guarantee results. Patients sometimes undergo expensive procedures for months without losing any of the stubborn fat they want to get rid of. Belle Medical’s ultrasound-based HD Body Sculpting method, on the other hand, guarantees a minimum of 2-5 inches lost after just one visit.

Why Is Body Sculpting Better Than Liposuction?

While the popular treatment liposuction may be a better option for people who have large amounts of excessive fat (i.e., those who are greatly obese), body contouring does work better for people who have a healthy BMI but are struggling with smaller amounts of excess fat in the arms, chest, love handles, hips, or thighs, among other areas. That said, patients who have a high BMI or a lot of fat to lose can still get a Belle procedure—we’ve been part of many amazing transformation stories from patients of all body sizes, some with a severely high BMI, and we’ve been able to take off 30-40 inches or more.

Liposuction and other invasive, surgical fat removal procedures are usually reserved for people who are trying to drastically reduce their weight and size. These treatments are typically much more expensive, require anesthesia, and have a much longer recovery time. If you have frustrating areas of fat on your body that you just can’t lose, but you are otherwise healthy and in decent shape, body sculpting is the safer, more effective way to get the figure you want.

Body Sculpting Is a Lasting Solution

It’s a misconception that a minimally invasive procedure like body sculpting gets temporary results. Body sculpting is an incredibly effective, lasting solution for extra fat on the body, especially in the love handles, abdomen, chest, cheeks, and chin for men, and the thighs, hips, buttocks, breasts, chin, abdomen, and arms for women.

Because the body doesn’t typically produce new fat cells after puberty, the fat cells that are removed by body sculpting won’t return. You can consider it a permanent solution even if you experience mild weight fluctuations after treatment. As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, nonsurgical body sculpting does work as a method of losing unwanted fat for good.

Make Your HD Body Sculpting Appointment Today

Ready to explore your body sculpting options? Belle Medical’s HD Body Sculpting treatment uses ultrasound technology to safely and gently remove fat from the stubborn parts of your body where it won’t seem to budge. We offer free consultations for anyone wanting to know if HD Body Sculpting is the right solution for them. Once you’ve undergone our body sculpting treatment, you’ll start to see results immediately, with the full, permanent results coming in about four weeks after your procedure. As we mentioned, HD Body Sculpting is noninvasive, meaning treatment time is minimal—most of our patients are back at work 24-48 hours after their procedure. Book your free consultation with Belle Medical today!

Dr. Robert Mitchell MD
Author: Dr. Robert Mitchell MD

Dr. Robert Mitchell has been practicing medicine for 15 years. He graduated from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma and completed his medical degree at the University of Oklahoma in 2002. Dr. Mitchell went on to complete training in General Surgery/Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City in 2007.

Dr. Mitchell is native to Tulsa, OK. He is a proud father to his son, Cameron. He enjoys an active lifestyle, coaching and playing baseball, basketball, and soccer with his son. Dr. Mitchell enjoys vacations to the Florida Coast where he and his son can be found deep sea fishing. In his spare time, you can find him volunteering for Tulsa Habitat for Humanity.